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Norwegian Woods

Norway to me has been a land of fascination since the day I learnt their invasions of Jorvik, or York as we know it today.

Quite a long trek to conquer another land of grey and dark winters, how bleak must Norway be, I wondered.

The opportunity to find the answer came in the summer, when a client commissioned a shoot in Haugesund. Some call it the cradle of Viking Kings, because Harald Fairhair lived nearby. Stretching a bit if you ask me, then again, the country isn't massive, if Northern American cousins find it easier to pronounce and remember "Haugesund" than "Avaldsnes", I'm not here to argue.

Interestingly, Hauge, or Haugr in the Old Norse, means hills or mound, while Sund means strait, two words sums up the geographic landscapes of the region, precisely.

Thanks to my client's generosity to pick up the toll, we spent some time exploring and documenting the land of fascination.

Shiyin GuComment