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Happy New Year

 Crompton Trail, Oldham

Crompton Trail, Oldham

Today is actually January 5th, 2016, since there isn't anyone else reading this, that makes the delayed greeting somewhat acceptable.

Upon reflections of last year, it has been a rollercoaster, I've learnt so much in one year than my previous five combined, not all had been pleasant, but inevitable.

Waking up to the 2016, it felt like a fresh start. I was able to see the solid foundation laid in the past as well as shaky patches that need addressing. The walk in the mild winter chill at Crompton Trail on New Year's Day was the much needed time and space to reflect, clear and focus the mind.

I've managed to fulfil new year's resolutions in 2014 and 2015, though I didn't know what they were until some time into the year. 2016 is no exception, I still await the call and will make it happen. Too often, too many people gave too little thought on such matter, resulting too easy a task to accomplish, some times the polar opposite happen.

On a record, going to the gym or lose weight is not and shall not be even considered as a resolution, for anyone. But I am impressed by the marketers who made it all happen, and will stay well away from that herd.

2016 is by no means going to be an easy year for me, with what's already in the pipeline and matters cannot be foreseen, already I can see the challenges lie ahead, yet I am excited marching towards them. More travels, more new places, more strangers and more rewards, I hope. 

In a couple of days, I will set off on a scaled down version of the grand tour in Italy. From Sicily to Naples, Pompeii, onwards to Florence, Pisa, stopping by Manarola before Bologna, with grand finale in Venice.

See you in two weeks, and I wish you all a wonderful January!