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Shop is now live!

Finally, the eagerly anticipated shop is here, order prints in time for Christmas!

Though I may have missed the supposed rushes of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Realisation Tuesday, Miserable Wednesday, Angry Thursday, Depressed Weekends, I am relieved that normality is slowly restoring and senses are returning to some of us, before Christmas tumble it all up again, of course.

Yes, the E-Commerce is firmly in the camp, and it is here to stay. Over the years, I've had emails, messages and phone calls, from friends, fellow photographers and people whom I worked with, strangers who appreciate my work, wanting to know if they can buy a print. My answer had always been "maybe", "not yet", "of course it is possible", but the voice in my head kind went "Print? What, why, how, what?" and "why? why my prints? they aren't even that great?".

From the day I picked up a camera, prior to seeking out a platform to display work as well as integrated e-commerce, I would only be happy to print from "Melting Blue" project. I did make ONE print for Dawn Gibbins, MBE, secret millionaire, philanthropist and champion of change, I simply couldn't say no when she asked.

Fast forward 4 years on, I felt my work has matured considerably, both technically and emotionally. I was all over the place before, now I have a focus, a sense of direction, I know what I want to capture, how to express in the work and communicate that to the audience.

Progress will always be in motion, but I'm really pleased with the recent project "America Wonders", a couple of them are being mounted and framed, surely they will look great on your wall, too!

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