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Swedish summer

My first encounter with Sweden was in a fairy tale, and that left an imprint of the land of fairies and Nordic gods ever since.

It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I set foot on it for the first time.

The utter peace and tranquility felt surreal first. The light was crisp, the sky felt lower, the green had a subtle golden tint, and the sunset seemed to last forever. The differences were so soft that they gently lure you in, curiosity brew so slowly you don't miss out on anything. It felt right to be a birth bed for fairy tales.

But such magic isn't everywhere, cities tend to dust it off in the usual way across the globe. It is the remote villages, the winding roads through the woods and quiet nights that you most likely to immerse yourself in. After I shot the assignment, I was lucky to have a few days to explore.

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