Award winning portrait and landscape photographer - Gu Photography

Twenty 46 conceptual sci fi film exhibited at Brighton Photo Biennial 2016

30 years after the Paris climate summit, our planet is starved of resources.

Synthetic, intelligent and customised fabric has the least impact on the environment and is the only material permitted for fashion production. Long gone are the days of weather dictated, fashion led clothing. Technology enables garments to self regulate sizes; self manage microclimate, self-cleaning, and an outer skin to display different designs.

No natural resources are permitted in the manufacturing process and traditional fashion houses are transformed into digital hubs whereby consumers download the latest trends onto their garments. Loyal fans subscribe to their brands, with access to new designs 24 hours before they become available to the public. Celebrities are offered this luxury for free as usual.

A dose of the dystopian future for your imagination.

Official exhibition at Brighton Photo Biennial 2016.


A dystopian future 30 years from Paris Climate Summit, coming to your imagination soon.